Do you have a work-life balance?

Alexandra Orme, Managing Director of Space and Matter:

“ActionCOACH taught us to be aware of everything that’s going on in your business and when to sit back and allow other people to do the work for you that you know you’re employing them to do.”

Alexandra Orme says: “My daughters do say that I don’t shout as much which it’s true. When you’re stressed and you’re tired obviously, your mood isn’t always that great so yeah, they enjoy being around us more and they enjoy the fact that we spend more time with them.”

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✔ 374% revenue increase.

✔ 700% increase on previous best quarter.

✔ A better work-life balance.

Feeling Inspired?

If you are missing out on quality time with your family because you are working more hours than you need to, take the first step towards a better work-life balance today.

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