Welcome to the ‘Business Spotlight’ for North & East Yorkshire, brought to you by ActionCOACH Harrogate, Scarborough & Beverley.


What is Business Spotlight?

Through our short video interviews we shine a spotlight on the amazing SME’s who help power our country’s economy. From solopreneurs to CEO’s, we talk to a wide variety of Yorkshire based business owners about what it’s really like to run their companies. With the highs and the lows that running a business brings, there is an abundance of knowledge and inspiration to be gained from sharing these experiences.


Why do we do it? 


We think local business owners deserve to have time in the spotlight. We know you work tirelessly to build your brands and grow your customer base. We believe it it’s important to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. After all, when we promote local business growth we are building and strengthening our communities.


Scroll down to watch some recent guests share their stories about their business journey, you can find more here.

Joe Rushton

Joe spoke about the process of moving a business from bricks and mortar to online during the pandemic, it was during this time that Joe also learnt the importance of delegating tasks and the role it played in improving his work-life balance. You can contact Joe on LinkedIn

Joanna Hardy

Joanna spoke about turning her passion for creative writing into a business. She emphasised the importance of doing what you love, trusting the process and not placing pressure on making a business work. You can send Joanna a message on LinkedIn. 

Are you ready to share your business story? 


Contact Mike, our Business Development Manager today to schedule your interview! 

Mike Moss

Business Development Manager


Melissa Taylor 

I Had a great chat with Melissa, founder and owner of Vino Coco. 
Melissa’s experience has taught her the importance of remembering why you set out to do what you do to ensure you remain growing within business. 

Georgina Townsend

I had the pleasure of speaking with Georgina, owner of Nu Mindset Nutrition which provides support and coaching around nutrition, holistic health and wellbeing.
Georgina discussed her journey to get to where she is now and how positive outcomes such as looking after ourselves and our mental health has been a result of the pandemic.

Business Spotlight Faq's

How much does it cost?


It's absolutely free!

How long does it take?


We recommend scheduling 30 minutes in your diary!

Will I find out what questions you will ask me in advance?


Absolutely. We will share a selections of questions that we might ask.
It goes without saying that great questions leads to great conversations, depending on your responses and experiences there may be some organic questions that come up as a result of what you share.

What happens post interview?


We process the recording, edit using our signature Business Spotlight style and graphics, then share to our entire community!

Apart from exposure, is there anything else in return?


- Every interviewee gets a no obligation, complimentary coaching session to help take their business to the next level.